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“Information Technology and Economic Change: The Impact of the Printing Press,” Quarterly Journal of Economics, Volume 126, Issue 3, August 2011, pages 1133-1172 [Paper]  [Appendices]

“Religious Competition and Reallocation: The Political Economy of Secularization in the Protestant Reformation” (with Davide Cantoni and Noam Yuchtman) Quarterly Journal of Economics, Volume 133, Issue 4, November 2018, pages 2037-2096 [Paper] [Appendices]

“Public Goods Institutions, Human Capital, and Growth: Evidence from German History” (with Ralf Meisenzahl) forthcoming in Review of Economic Studies [Paper] [Appendices]

“New Media and Competition: Printing and Europe’s Transformation After Gutenberg” (with Skipper Seabold) conditionally accepted at Journal of Political Economy [Paper]

“Book Prices in Early Modern Europe: an Economic Perspective,” in Shanti Graheli (ed.), Buying and Selling: The Business of Books in Early Modern Europe (Leiden: Brill, 2019) [Paper]

“Historical Analysis of Legal Opinions with a Sparse Mixed-Effects Latent Variable Model” (with William Yang Wange, Elijah Mayfield, and Suresh Naidu) Proceedings of the 50th Annual Meeting of the Association for Computational Linguistics, pages 740-749, Jeju, Republic of Korea 8-14 July 2012 [Paper]

Working Papers

“The Emergence of Zipf’s Law,” revise and resubmit at Explorations in Economic History [Paper]

“The Economic Origins of Modern Science: Technology, Institutions, and Markets” [Paper]

“The Welfare Impact of a New Good: The Printed Book” [Paper]

Work in Progress

“The Research University, Invention, and Industry: Evidence from Germany 1760-1900″ (with Ralf Meisenzahl) [Abstract]

“Conflict and Economic Geography: Evidence from the Thirty Years War” (with Russell Gasdia), World Economic History Congress Kyoto [Slides]

“Contested Property: Fugitive Slaves in the Antebellum US South” (with Suresh Naidu) [Slides]

“Institutions and the Great Divergence: City Growth in East and West Europe”

“Institutions and the Great Divergence: City Growth in East and West Europe”

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